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Birdywood Buzz

Mor Khan, the famous director is off to Birdywood to cast for his new film putting all the birds in a tizzy! What do they have to do to bag a role in the film?

The book introduces more than twenty species of birds through this fun-filled story enabling children to identify the birds of the forest. An edu-fiction.

Publisher: Tulika Books

Price: Rs 150/-


The Elephant Bird

This is a book written for children who are ready to read on their own. It is penned by Arefa Tehsin, who is a wildlife warden at Udaipur and who writes both for children and adults. The book is illustrated by Sonal Goyal and Sumit Sakuja who together run a design studio.

Author: Arefa Tehsin

Price: Rs 40/-


Pachamama- Our Earth - Our Future

The book is comprehensive and the graphics draw children toward serious environmental issues. The book is drawn from the contributions of thosands of young people around the world. Sample Nigerian Chris Ugwa's take on afforestation. "My parents told me the forest is sacred. In the past, trees were cut responsibly, not indiscriminately as they are today. "he says. The observation is accompanied by facts on natural forests, deforestation, forest fires and sick forests. A dark green visual shows the location of the last remaining tropical rainforests.

Published by: United Nations Environment Program (UNEP and Peace Child International)

Price: Rs 150/-


The Small Tigers of Shergarh

Orphaned in a car accident, fourteen-year-old Shikha and five-year-old Sunny reach Shergarh House, on the edge of the Shergarh Tiger Reserve, to live with their uncle Binoy, an eccentric painter. In the company of Aslambhai (a retired forest guard) and his mischievous grandson Ali, the children enter a new world: that of the sights and sounds of the jungle. Encouraged by Field Director Mr Rana’s daughter, Dipti, and watched over by her family, the children begin to enjoy their forays into the reserve. And get inexorably drawn into the lives of the reserve’s magnificent tigers: Macho Doofus Shahenshah, ferocious Sheba and even terrifying Shaitan.

Author: Ranjit Lal

Price: Rs 363/-


The Tiger is a Gentleman

The husband and wife team of Vivek (retired bureaucrat)and Arati Sinha, are committed conservationists, whose photographs speak eloquently of India's wildlife. In the slim volume, Sinha writes of the unforeseen encounters he had had with wildlife during his camera hunts. How it feels being charged by an angry tiger settling in new territory, the suspense when their jeep breaks down amongst elephants, and similar encounters where only the forbearance of wild animals brought a happy ending. There are 15 chapters illustrated with photographs.

Author: Vivek Sinha

Price: Rs 395/-


Ranthambhore Adventure

Adventures of Vikram Aditya ‘Ranthambore Adventure’ is about tigers. It is the story that is inspiring children and adults across India to work towards saving the tiger and the country’s rapidly disappearing forests.

Author: Deepak Dalal

Price: Rs 195/-


The Parakeet that Squawked in English

Meet the screechers and shriekers a gang of untidy, garrulous and opinionated jungle babblers that hang out in a garden in Goa, led by the redoubtable frowzle. And their neighbours including Banshee the segacious Barn Owl and his wife Bimbo, hood the crow, don dada the Pushy Pigeon. Amber the brahmini kite and Psitta and Cula the always smooching parakeet. Together they must deal with kidnappers, corrupt cops, a nasty kid with catapult, a killjoy minister of Cultural Propriety, not to mention the evil intentions of Dhaman the rat snake and Gorgon and Zola the pair of nasty bandicoots in a series of adventures wheres there never a quiet moment. Exciting and adventurous bird stories based on the authors observations of bird behaviour.

Author: Ranjit Lal

Price: Rs 184/-

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